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The Essence of the Brand

Traveln Partners opened to a very successful reception.  Our patrons embraced the genesis of the brand, the quality of our efforts and the uniqueness of our bags. 

For various reasons purchases were made:

A grandmother said, "my granddaughters are always expecting something from Grandma, this is a perfect gift."

A gentleman looking to score a point with his "friend" purchase a bag. When asked later if she liked the bag, his response was "I scored two points."

A friend who travels with her friend yearly, purchased a large tote for her friends's small breathing device.  She said, "her device is her Traveln Partner, I want her to have this bag for her partner."  How special was that!

A quiet, elegant lady visited, looked with a curious eye and said, "I'll be back."  She came back a day later and purchased three bags! 

What I know is that we are all travelling.  When our relationships with each other take priority in our lives, that's a good thing. Sometimes our travels are verbalized and other times no words are needed. In a moment of understanding, both approaches are perfectly fine.  We invite you to come along as we are . . . 

Traveln Partners!